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    2022: Most Popular Figurines in Canada

    2022: Most Popular Figurines in Canada
    Canadian Villages receives a lot of questions about what the most popular Lemax products are in Canada. So, we have compiled a list of the top selling new and older Lemax figurines. Please note, this is not an official Top Ten list, but rather the more popular figurines sold in Canada in 2022!

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    Top 5 Practical Things for Everyone Who Loves Lemax

    Top 5 Practical Things for Everyone Who Loves Lemax
    There are some things that seem quite boring and we overlook them as we search for something that catches our eye. As we build our villages it is helpful to remember the practical pieces everyone needs. These are our Top 5 items that help make building and displaying villages a breeze.

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    Top Lemax Village Pet-themed Items in Canada

    Top Lemax Village Pet-themed Items in Canada

    Have you pampered your pets lately? At Canadian Villages, we know many pets have a staycation everyday but perhaps they are wanting to be better represented in your Lemax Collection Christmas Village? If your cat is like ours, you might find her walking or even sleeping in your village!

    With pets in mind, here are some “must have” pet themed Lemax Collection Village items!

    LLemax Purr-fectly Precious pet salon (65110)

    Cats will want to take a visit to the Lemax Purr-fectly Precious pet salon (65110)! With a bag of cat litter, some catnip and mouse toys outside the store, your kitten will be overjoyed! And check out the inside scene where you will find balls of yarn. We love the Lemax Purr-fectly Precious pet salon roofline and the lighted dormers too!

    Lemax Fluffy Friends Pets Salon (95489)

    Every pet wants a spa day and the Lemax Fluffy Friends Pets Salon (95489) is the go-to place in the village. This Lemax lighted building is simply adorable! With awesome Christmas detailing on the outside, and a puppy getting set to be groomed on the inside, dog lovers will want this in their collection. And check out the cat and the dog sharing space outside!

    Lemax Multi-Tasking (02924)

    The Lemax Multi-Tasking (02924) ladies take their dogs there for regular pedicures. This set of two Lemax Figurines are perfect for a village in a dog lovers home!

    Another Lemax figurine set that is popular right now is Lemax Merry Milkman, set of 4 (72511). It has three cats following a milkman, just hoping to get a treat! So adorable! These cats can be placed near the milkman or anywhere in your village.

    Lemax Pet Pics Photography (85391)

    Once pets are fluffed and sparkling take them to the Lemax Pet Pics Photography (85391) for their glamour shot! We love this Lemax Lighted Building because of the photography porch and the number of dogs outside of it. And check out the cat and dogs painted on the second floor! Pet Pics Photography even has separate entrances for cats and dogs! So cute!!

    Lemax Christmas Pooch Set (32138)

    The Lemax Christmas Pooch Set (32138) have their traditional Christmas photo taken at Pet Pics Photography each year! This set, first released in 2013, has become the most popular dog set that Canadian Villages has carried. Five separate dogs, all with Christmas wreaths as their collars, can be placed together or scattered around your village! They are adorable!!

    Lemax Claws & Paws Pet Hotel (25387)

    Round out the pet staycation with a night at the Lemax Claws & Paws Pet Hotel (25387). Like some of the Lemax Lighted Buildings listed above, this item features cats and dogs running around the yard and a beautiful Inside Scene of a few pets waiting for adoption. The rooflines are great and we can’t get enough of the cat teasing the dog through the window!!

    Lemax Alpine Lodge Pet Retreat (75255)

    Finally, if your furry friends prefer a more rustic retreat, book a spot at the Lemax Alpine Lodge Pet Retreat (75255)! Check out the traditional log building which can be found anywhere in the forest or mountain areas. With a snow capped roof, a few dog houses outside and beautiful Christmas decorations, your pets will not want to leave the retreat!

    Pet friendly villages are very popular, very adorable and no one has to worry about allergies!

    Do you have any favourite Lemax pet items that we didn’t list? Let us know!