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    We are so glad you have stopped by Canadian Villages!  Canadian Villages is a Canadian Lemax dealer and we are excited to help you build your villages! The timeless Lemax Village Collection brings the joy of the holiday season to any decor. If you are looking to start a new collection, we offer the most classic and enduring pieces. If you are a seasoned collector we strive to have the newest and rarest pieces to help you grow.

    We offer the classic Caddington Village Collection that captures the traditional charm of a Victorian yesteryear, featuring different neighbourhoods, town squares, skating parties and more. Vail Villages Collection brings the fun and adventure of a classic mountain holiday to your home. Plymouth Corners is a seaside village that appeals to everyone. The Harvest Crossing Collection contains the perfect items for your country roots. Canadian Villages also has items from the popular Lemax Carnival Collection. We will be adding items every month, so come back often! Our prices are listed in Canadian dollars and already factor in the US exchange rate, tariffs and duties. It is our goal to make obtaining the collectables as easy as possible for Canadians! 

    We offer Canada wide shipping and ship all products through Canada Post, shipping costs will be calculated during checkout and are based on the weight and size of your order. For a full list of common questions visit our FAQ page

    For those of you who are interested, we are located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and our online shop is a family run business. We have been collecting Lemax pieces and always wanted more options available in Canada. We have connected with some stores in the US and Europe to determine what works best for them and have learned from their advice to make Canadian Villages a uniquely Canadian endeavour. Lemax has been amazing to work with. We can’t wait for our customers to have access to a great collection of Lemax products!