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    Lemax Christmas Villages

    Lemax Canada Christmas Village Alpine Pet Lodge

    Find what inspires your Lemax Christmas Villages Collection. The sights, the sounds, the decorations, the people and that special holiday feeling! Canadian Villages has hand-picked over 80 Lemax Canada Christmas village houses and figurines. Create magical Christmas scenes with festive buildings decorated for Christmas with lights, wreaths, bows and Christmas trees.  Add Santa, Mrs. Claus, lanterns, carollers, shoppers and snowball fights to bring the magic alive. This Christmas themed collection is a great starting point to build a magical Christmas village.

    Build Your Very Own Christmas Town

    Use your imagination, your memories, your traditions and your dreams to create perfect Christmas Town vignettes. Combine Christmas villages pieces, add new buildings, and arrange them differently each year. There is no end to the magical possibilities this festive season!