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    Lemax Spooky Town Halloween Village

    As the leaves fall, the skies darken and the wind blows in a new season, Lemax Spooky Town will help you capture your Halloween dreams (or frights)!

    Swing open the creaky door and have a peek at the 2023 Spooky Town brought to you by Canadian Villages. You will find a selection of new 2023 Sights and Sounds pieces that will be the talk of the town. New haunted houses, libraries and shops will be an added touch of frightful delightfulness. Find some figurines and table accents to bring some life into your creepy Halloween village. But, don’t despair - if you are looking for a long lost piece you can find it as well!

    Lemax Spooky Town allows you to express your Halloween visions any way you want. Fun, playful, frightening or bone chilling, Canadian Villages has it all. And, let’s be honest, 2023 has been a downright crazy, spooky year. We might as well have some fun with it this Halloween.